Choosing The Perfect Gift This Holiday

Choosing a gift for someone can feel daunting because you want to get it right. If you are having trouble choosing the perfect present, here are a few of our top tips:


Select something meaningful - On our website, we have a ‘Shop by Healing Traits’ section that is dedicated to helping you find something specifically for what you’re going through. You can shop to help with anxiety, confidence, healing, and many other meaningful traits. This section makes it so easy to break down exactly what you want to find for someone else, or even for yourself.

Select for crystal healing – All of our crystals have been selected to work with a fragrance we have created. In most cases, if you are struggling to choose a product, try picking the crystal that means the most to you, and it will lead you to the perfect item for you. When shopping for someone else, try and relate the crystals back to them. For example, Carnelian is a crystal that promotes confidence. If the person you’re shopping for is confident then Vous Pouvez products could be perfect for them as they are infused with Carnelian and are aptly named, the Candle of Confidence.


Select for fragrance – As with the crystals, when you select a fragrance based on what you like rather than its meaning, you’ll often be pleasantly surprised that the product is exactly what you needed in your life. Subconsciously we are drawn to the things that we like for a reason. So, if you are feeling overwhelmed in your choice of what to buy for someone, try just choosing their favourite smell or colour and it will most likely end up being a perfect fit for them. For example, if blue is their favourite colour try buying from our selection of Mauvaise products. Mauvaise represents deflection which is a good protection to have in your life and home so it could be easily gifted.


Select from our Founder's Fav's – Janelle has poured her heart and soul into every single Myles Gray product, so she knows what she’s talking about when it comes to what to buy for someone. In her words: "I love creating bundles for our customers and my favourite one’s feature on our website. Whenever I need to get a gift for a loved one, I always grab a bundle. They are pre-selected items that work so well together".

There is a huge selection of bundles available on our website that cater to almost any need, so Janelle is so right by highlighting bundles, they’re just so easy!


Select a gift card – If you have exhausted all options, and really cannot decide on the right product to gift someone, opt for a Myles Gray Virtual Gift Card! They are available on our website and have multiple options as to what amount can go on the card. Gift cards are the best and easiest way to delight a person with the choice of any Myles Gray product they desire.

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