New Moon | April What Does It Mean For You

New Moon | April What Does It Mean For You | Myles Gray

On April 1st we will see a new moon enter the sign of Aries, a powerful fire sign it will have an interesting effect on our Aries brothers and sisters. You will feel passion, persistence, confidence, and courage come over you. Let it in, and let it lead your decision. You may feel a loud inner voice stopping you from doing what you want, do not listen to it. It may feel louder than ever before, but it is because your energy is being called so strongly by the New Moon. You should also remember that success looks different in many situations, you might fail at what you are doing but learn a deeper more impactful lesson in the process. Don’t let fear strike you out, learn and grow.


This New Moon falls around Mercury which has a deep effect on communication if you are wanting to speak up about something do so with courage and with clarity. Now, if you are wondering what this New Moon has instore for your love life listen up. With such a strong drive on passion and confidence you might feel compelled to enter into new romantic territory or explore more with your partner. If you have been wanting to speak up about something, now is the time. Be careful though, being too adventurous in the bedroom could lead to miscommunication and create some sexual blockages in your life.


Here’s a breakdown on the effect this New Moon will have on your horoscope:


Aries: You are on an incredible journey of self and while the last few months might have been hard personally, it’s about to get better. All your hard work is going to pay off! 


Cancer: You’ve been waiting in the curtains for far too long. This New Moon is about you finding your power and taking control of your life. Its about to get busy in your professional career and you are about to live the life you’ve always dreamt of.


Libra: You are going to spend a lot of time pondering your decisions during this New Moon, from relationships to personal feelings. If you’ve been wondering if someone is right for you and they have been testing your loyalty it might time to revaluate the relationship.  


Capricorn: You might be feeling a little off lately, this New Moon comes with powerful self-love and lessons for you. Be sure to acknowledge them and move through the emotions with grace. Create a space just for you.


Taurus: Give yourself permission to rest and rejuvenate, you cannot handle the world you are faced with right now without rest.


Gemini: If the last two years have put a strain on your relationships its time to reconnect and focus on them. Make space and time for those that love you and give them love in return. You’ll feel full and complete.


Leo: You will be asked to take risks and adventure out of your comfort zone. Before going to the answer “no” be sure to look at every possible outcome and explore the options of “yes”.


Virgo: You give so much of yourself when someone is in need, but what do you get when you are in need? It’s time to look at the relationships in your life and how they affect you and what they bring to your life.


Scorpio: It’s time to wake up your senses and be inspired by the world around you. You might be feeling a little blah with your routine but look outside the box for inspiration.


Sagittarius: You will feel joy like you did when you were a child, it’s the kind of joy you will remember. Live in the moment and soak in life’s incredible mystery, this new moon is about healing your inner child so enjoy it.


Aquarius: Being open and honest with those around you will allow you to find more clarity in your life. It’s time to put your phone down and explore the relationships around you.


Pisces: You will soon find abundance in your bank account, you will soon have financial freedom but you need to make sure you are prepared and use it wisely.


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