Why You Should Have Sex On This New Moon

Why You Should Have Sex On This New Moon | Myles Gray

On March 2nd we are going to be blessed with an incredible New Moon, the most powerful one of the year. Why? Because it holds no negative energy, there are no planets close enough to this New Moon to shift its energy into a negative form. It’s literally good vibes only.

The moon has an effect on the ocean and it’s tides and being in the water sign Pisces for this new moon just brings forth an extra layer of excitement! You should start practising some meditation and most of all, affirmations, and manifestation. This new energy is all about giving you what you ask for and bringing in the most amazing outcomes. You might find a deeper connection in water, so take the time to light a few candles (our suggestions, Jetiame, Reine, Esprit Clair and Vous Pouvez) and enjoy the stillness your mind will encounter throughout the relaxation.

Do you struggle to relax and clear your mind? If yes, having sex on the New Moon could be exactly what the Dr ordered! Why this Moon specifically? With no bad vibes impacting our energy around this new moon it will give you freedom to explore your sexual side, your creativity will flow, and you’ll be feeling empowered like never before. Take the time to understand your partners wants and needs and communicate what you like, you’ll be blown away by the open conversation and how much it supports your sexual desires together. And yes, because this is a water sign New Moon the bath or shower should be your first option, you’ll feel powerful, sensual and most of all happy!

If you prefer to DIY, you’ll find a euphoric high when sensually mediating. It will help clear your mind and allow you to see your truest intentions and act upon them.

We love integrated our products into these rituals, and for us, the perfect New Moon Night looks like this:

A bath with our Rest Bath Soak

Spraying the room with our Love Essential Oil Spray

Lighting a few Candles

Before bed using our Sleep Essential Oil Spray to drift off into the most restful sleep of your life! 

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