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Myles Gray

Limited Edition Myles Gray X Lauren Brant Collab Candle

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Patience and love are sometimes characteristics that are hard to muster in times of stress. Our Clean Rose candle has been created to ensure you are feeling supported and loved. Clean rose will help you feel grounded and calm, allowing your mind to relax. With a beautiful fresh and soft scent, it will enhance your intuition and allow your natural instincts to takeover.

Infused with red Jasper, the stone of vibrancy and endurance. Clean Rose will increase your energy, stamina, focus and determination. Red Jasper’s steady frequency calms the emotional body creating a lasting, stable energy for improving health, setting goals and facing unpleasant tasks.

Red Jasper is the perfect crystal to enhance your connection with the Earth and Mother Nature, allowing your intuition to takeover.

With the guidance from Lauren Brant this candle has been created to help every mother on her journey of parenthood. It is delicate, just like our children. Wild, just like our children. And full of wonder, happiness and love, exactly like our children. Let this candle be a reminder that patience and love are powerful and you are exactly where you are meant to be. Relax a little with our incredible collaboration candle.

This candle harnesses the scent of a freshly clean home with a bouquet of fresh roses sitting on the kitchen bench.


The notes:

Base: Coconut Milk, Vanilla, Cedarwood, Amber, Rose Stem

Middle: Rose Stem,  Musk, Lavender, Eucalyptus

Top: Buttered Rum, Lemon, Lime, Cinnamon Leaf

The affirmations:

‘Patience and love are popwerful’

‘I am kind. I am grateful and I am worthy’

‘My decisions are warranted’

‘My children need me at my best, that is not selfish’

‘Nurturing my children is the most important task today’

Customer Reviews

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Still waiting for delivery

Smells like a fresh bouquet of flowers

This is one of my favourite candles. I gave one to my Mother In Law and she adores it, she will be purchasing more


Beautiful smell and great message for mums


The most amazing candle I have ever owned - it smells exactly like there is a beautiful bunch of roses sitting in the room.

Beautiful Candle & Great Service

This candle not only smells amazing, but it is beautifully packaged as well. The service was great and my candles arrived very quickly. Very happy with the product.