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Fertility Crystal Collection

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A crystal collection close to our hearts. This collection will activate both male and female energy, it will increase the love surrounding your aura and help you to accept what it is not available at this time, but what will come.

Shiva Lingham

A sacred stone, found in a remote river in India. It will encourage you to see the uniqueness within yourself and others, allowing you to overcome the need to judge and criticise. It will unite both male and female energy, igniting love and passion in your life bringing forth a revitalised energy.

Clear Quartz

This stone balances the chakras, cleanses the aura, absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy and removes any blocked energy. It will help to manifest your intentions and illuminate your spirit.


This stone will ground you, creating emotional and intellectual balance. Agate will protect you from harmful thoughts or ill wishes and will help to balance your mood and maintain emotional harmony.


Also known as the “stone of the mind” Hematite helps to absorb negative energy and calms the mind in times of stress of worry. This stone will protect your aura and enhance energy, vitality, courage and self-esteem

Rose Quartz

The stone of love, this stone allows you to give and accept love. It helps to keep your mind clear of negative thoughts and your heart pure. This stone also promotes kindness and is a fantastic first stone for children as so much can be learnt from its meaning.


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Yolanda Lindsay

Fertility Crystal Pack

So beautiful

I received this special candle and crystal pack and love it so much I don't want to burn it! The scent is to die for, I am excited to set the mood and get some baby vibes happening!