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La Lune | To The Moon and Back

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The fragrance of La Lune is an ode to all things love, when we love someone so deeply we often say, we love them to the moon and back. La Lune is the physical representation of this, a representation of how much you are loved, that you are everything to someone, their moon. 

Sugar notes of cherry blossom dance with floral notes of lily of the valley to create this unique, vibrant fragrance. 

We have included 3 tumbled crystals in this gorgeous candle so you can take them wherever you go once the candle is finished. 

Rhodonite is a stone full of compassion, an emotional balancer that clears away wounds and scars from the past. Working with the heart chakra, this pink (watermelon like) crystal will clear and activate a state of self-confidence and gratitude. You will find yourself more at peace and the most in-tune to your inner path than ever before. 

Pink Opal is another Heart centred crystal. It works to offer acceptance and love on a deep level, creating a beautiful calming vibration. Pink opal offers an incredible level of peace and tranquility, it is the perfect stone to keep close by when you feel nervous or anxious. 

We couldn't have a heart centred candle without our beloved Rose Quartz. The master heart healer, a crystal solely dedicated to love, kindness and healing. Keeping all of these crystals around you in times of emotional need will create an energy full of love, acceptance and positivity. 

Customer Reviews

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Unbelievably beautiful

I have quite a few Myles gray products, all of which are exceptionally beautiful but la lune is on a whole other level.
I could smell it before I even opened the box, it sits in a beautiful pink vessel and the scent is absolutely gorgeous. A beautiful fresh watermelon scent that instantly makes you feel like it’s a beautiful sunny day even when your in the middle of winter. It is definitely one of the pricier candle but at 2kg with a burn time of 120 hours it is worth every cent. I absolutely love it!

La Lune Luxury

This is the first candle I bought from Myles Gray. I had read that La Lune was popular and constantly sells out and now I know why.
At first glance it may seem like an expensive candle but it’s 2kg and has 120 hours burn time.
It smells amazing as soon as you open the box and the candle comes in a beautiful pink vessel. The crystals are good quality and the candle burns evenly and fills the room with scents of watermelon. I burn mine every night. I would have no hesitation in buying this candle again.
It’s value for money and super fast and friendly service from the Myles Gray team.

La Lune candle

Absolutely amazing!!
Looks so pretty in the pink vessel and crystals and smells just like watermelon.
My room smells beautiful, brought another one so I can smell it in the lounge room as well

Smell heaven

So beautiful and could smell it before I even opened the parcel on delivery day. Smells like a watermelon paradise

Theresa Coutts
Watermelon Sugar

This candle is just breathtaking. The moment you unpack the delivery box you can already smell the candle. It’s gorgeous and the scent is delicious. This candle is everything.