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Candle Facts | Why do we infused our candles with crystals?

This is a question we get asked daily, and we love it! It is so important for us to create a community who are engaged and not afraid to communicate with us. We love answering your questions, in fact it gives us inspiration for content and future blog posts, so keep the questions coming!

Crystals work in all different ways, mostly through frequency and vibrations in the air. But there are many different things you can do to increase the energy vibrations from your crystals. Many of you may be aware that when the moon is full it is the perfect time to charge your crystals, you simply place them by a window and let the energy of the full moon recharge your collection. You can also charge your crystals by repeating affirmations (included in your Myles Gray candles), by simply giving the crystals some of your energy they are able to increase their positive vibrations by over 300%.

The reason we infuse our candles with crystals is because we are passionate about having a modern take on crystal healing. We don’t always have time to dedicate towards our crystals, I often forget to recharge my crystals and daily affirmations are only something I commit to when I remember, mum and work life truly take over most days. But, I light candles in my home every single day, it is a ritual I have become accustom to, as are many people. Candles bring the most beautiful aroma to your home and brighten the energy through the beautiful heat they create. It is through this process that I realised how incredible it would be to infuse crystals into our candles and create a daily habit of only a few seconds to commit to affirming my believes. Even if you don’t have the time to recite your affirmations out loud, the simple task of lighting your candle and thinking about your wishes/affirmations will entice the crystals to work their magic and create a beautiful atmosphere.

There are specific crystals that are stronger when in contact with heat and we take this into consideration in our design process. Each candle has crystals with natural characteristics, some strive in water, others air, but mostly fire. Fire is also mother nature’s way of cleansing, each time you light your Myles Gray candle you are cleansing and recharging the crystals inside the candle.

The most popular crystals associated with heat healing are rose quartz (found in Jetiame) and rainbow moonstone (found in Enciente and Navre).

We infuse crystals into our candles to create a beautiful energy in your home, office or work space without feeling overwhelmed by all the features of your crystals. It is a modern approach to crystal healing and we are quickly finding it is incredibly popular!

We will be launching a brand new range to our line up and cannot wait to share the journey with you. We are so excited to expand our collection and offer crystal healing to more aspects of your day. Sign up to our mailing list to be notified when our new collections are launching, but for now all we can say is if you like to soak in the tub, you are going to love this new release.

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