Fragrance and Crystal Healing

Have you ever smelt something that instantly brought you back to a memory or a moment in time? It's the incredible, strong effect fragrance has on our olfactory senses in our brain. We are wired through our senses.

We have found a way to harness that connection and include energy healing from crystals. We've done the research, we've matched the fragrances to their crystals and provided the affirmations for Heightened Healing.

All you need to do is pick the product you are most drawn to, or the one that describes what you are needing in your life, and enjoy... it's that simple. And it's that simple for a reason. Energy Healing doesn't need to be complicated.

We Began From Heartache

In 2018 our founder tragically lost her father. She was a Fragrance Education Specialist for a large beauty company and spent every day learning from the worlds best perfumers. When her father passed away she quit her job and focused more on her mental health and grieving with her family and young son, Myles.

Shortly after the funeral, Janelle made a candle that smelt like her family home and gifted it to her mum. There were crystals at the bottom of the candle to help with grief, this candle was the start of our journey and is still available in our range today - Navre | The Candle of Healing will help any one struggling with grief or loss of any kind.

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