Collection: Bare Basics

Bare Basics is a collection of 4 limited edition high end luxury fragranced wood wick candles that our founder has created to honour the way Australians live their lives. From the coast, to the urban city, from forest adventures (grove), to our beautiful comforting abodes.

Designer vessels that look good anywhere and are designed to be displayed in your home. Each vessel has been hand blown and painted to replicate the luxurious fragrance inside, the darker vessels indicate a heavier fragrance. This on trend collection includes fragrances never before seen in our Myles Gray products and 1 fragrance that our customers have been asking to return (everyday). 

The wood wicks bring a beautiful textured sound to the energy healing of the candles and have the same relaxation techniques as rain on a roof. Each candle has a surprise crystal at the bottom that you will be able to retrieve once the candle has finished, valued between $10 and $100.

Explore the entire collection and travel through scent in your own home, or find the fragrance that suits your story and place it all over your home.