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Lumiere | The Fragrance Of Light

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Lumiere has been infused with clear quartz, the most powerful healing and energy amplifying crystal in the world. Lumiere will help to unblock  energy and remove any 'fog' from your mind. Lumiere will allow your energy to rise to the highest possible level and enhance your ability to see your purpose, it will also promote happiness by cleansing your energy to become clearer and more vibrant. 

Lumiere will help to eliminate distractions and allow for greater work flow, but can also assist in meditation and relaxation. Lumiere can be used on two different ends of the spectrum- for greater workflow or for deeper relaxation, in both of these states your mind is clear and calm. 

The scent of Lumiere has been carefully curated for either workflow or meditation, you will find a delicious blend of pineapple, coconut and vanilla distributed throughout this candle to give off the most unique scent. Subtly sweet vanilla entwined with fresh pineapple and coconut will fill your home and have all your guests asking "what is that gorgeous smell?".

The notes: 

Base: Vanilla, Musk

Middle: Coconut Milk, Iris, Dandelion

Top: Pineapple, Lemon Zest


The affirmations:

  • I welcome relaxation and clarity of the mind.
  • I trust my intuition.
  • My mind is full of wonderful ideas, I will act upon them.
  • I will remove any thoughts that do not belong. I will create clarity of the mind. I will engage in only what makes me happy. I will live a safe and happy life. 

    The nitty gritty:

    • 200ml High Quality Fragrance
    • Proudly Hand Made in Melbourne
    • Affirmations will provide stronger energy


    Alcohol, Demineralised Water, Fragrance  

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews

    Smells incredible! Only need 1-2 sprays to make the house smell amazing!

    Bianca Hierzer
    Honestly the best room spray you’ll ever get!

    I received this room spray in a mystery box. When I saw ‘pineapple’ as one of the main fragrances I was like oh no 😅 (yes I’m one of those people that don’t believe pineapple should be on a pizza- fight me lol)
    I returned home from work with the house clean and smelling absolutely Devine! I thought my partner had bought a new candle for me or something. I asked my partner what is that scent?!?!? It’s incredible. He replied saying he sprayed my new room spray around the house! And at that moment I fell inlove! I would have NEVER bought this room spray online reading the scents. I spray this beautiful room spray everywhere on the daily! I’m INLOVEEEE! I feel so happy and calm every time I spray it. The pineapple/coconut is unusual, but PERFECT combo! Even my partner loves it. I’ve already restocked the spray twice, I burn through it so quickly. I get compliments all the time. If you were second guessing this room spray, don’t!! You will not be disappointed. I can’t recommend this baby enough 👏🏼😌💕

    Keeley Moon
    The Fragrance of Light

    It smells amazing! My new favourite scent for sure!