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The Power of Positivity | Overcoming Fear

Learning how to overcome fear or anxiety towards a situation can be really difficult and it is important to know what sets you into that tailwind of personal doubt before you hit the ground. So before you burn our gorgeous new candle we wanted to give you some tips and techniques to help conquer your fears and set you on the path of success.

Being mindful of your fears is important and for a lot of us our fears resonate from rejection. How many times have you said ‘I can’t’ out of fear of rejection or failure. The only form of failure you will ever experience is failure to try. For me, fear took over my entire life, I was too scared to apply for my dream job, too scared to quit my dream job and too scared to start my own business. But if we don’t try, we will never know the life we could have lived. I am so fulfilled in my life at this very moment and it is because I backed myself and reminded myself that yes, I CAN achieve great things, I just have to invest the time in my tasks, and myself. I know so many people who have a ‘side hustle’ that bring them happiness and make them feel fulfilled but they are too scared to commit to it fulltime for fear of failure. And I know it’s hard, fear of losing income, not being able to pay your bills, putting pressure on your partner, or not being able to live the life you truly desire.

Now, I am not going to sugar coat business ownership and my start-up company, because it is hard and I have to remind myself every day that I can do it. I am strong, I am powerful and I will provide for my family. I am also extremely passionate about the products we create and I feel as though they are changing people’s lives, and this in itself gives me all the motivation I need.

So, how can you stop fear and start backing yourself? We have simple tips to set you on the path of success. Please understand that everyone is different and everyone’s goals are different. Success to you might look like standing up in front of your peers and giving a kickass presentation, it might standing up for your believes or standing up and saying I can do this, and backing yourself.


  1. Manifest the life you want
  • This is our top tip for overcoming fear, think about the life you want or the task you want to achieve and it will come. Picturing your ideal situation will eventually create your ideal situation, by magic? No, manifesting works because you are constantly reminding yourself of what you want and how to get it.
  1. Identify your fear and move toward it
  • The hardest part of fear is facing it. Remember when you were younger and were scared of the things that went bump in the night? Now it’s things like, presentations, not being able to pay your mortgage and looking like a fool if no one agrees with your idea. Write your fears down and work out steps to remove them from your life, tiny baby steps will help you faster than doing nothing.
  1. Control your thoughts
  • Control what you want to believe. If you believe you can, you will. That works both positively and negatively, if you think you might fail you probably will because you are pushing yourself to fail. Whereas if you think you will succeed and then you fail look at it like a learning experience. We can never improve if we don’t fail a few times, it is important to look at life in this way or the fear of failure will strike you out every time. And if you aren’t willing to succeed, why get out of bed in the morning?


Now that you have a few tips on kicking fear in the backside, burn our Vous Pouvez candle and manifest the life you want to live. Why? Because YOU CAN!  

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