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Jetiame | The Fragrance Of Love

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 The rose quartz crystal paired with our unique blend of buttercream, salted caramel and vanilla will make you feel as though you are cocooned in a cashmere blanket of love. Jetiame will fragrance your home and continue to offer the calming energy associated with the rose quartz. 

Jetiame will help to release the pain and negative emotions from your heart. Placing Jetiame in your home offers an immediate feeling of love, serenity and calm. Jetiame will heal the heart and help new love flourish, it will also help to dissolve painful memories related to love. 

Designed to open your heart chakra and offer infinite peace. It will open the heart at all levels and provide inner healing and self-love (something we all need more of). Jetiame will provide a deep sense of personal fulfilment, which allows you to give love and receive love from others freely.

The notes:

Base: Tonka Bean, Condensed Milk, Musk, Vanilla

Middle: Creme Caramel, Candied Pecan, Coconut, Heliotrope

Top: Hazelnut, Sea Salt, Buttermilk, Star Anise


The affirmations:

  • I understand that every relationship starts with me, I have wonderful loving relationship with myself.
  • I deserve to be loved.
  • I am thankful and grateful for the love in my life.
  • I am ready for a healthy and loving relationship. 

The nitty gritty:

  • 200ml High Quality Fragrance
  • Proudly Hand Made in Melbourne
  • Affirmations will provide stronger energy


Alcohol, Demineralised Water, Fragrance  

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I love the candle, and I love the room spray even more!
Such a beautiful warm inviting scent that you can spray anywhere in the house that lasts for hours

Melanie Barker
Jetiame Room Spray

I absolutely love the Jetiame room spray & so does my husband. He likes it so much that he asked me to order a bottle so he could spray it in his truck.

Grace Goulding

The spray smells delicious, it lingers and you really don’t need much! We are gifting a bottle to our friends for their engagement party.