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Crystal Healing | 6 essential crystals to calm your baby

Crystal healing is a beautiful, natural and non-invasive way to calm the body and the mind.

There are many different ways you can use crystals for healing, you can buy jewellery made from crystals, keep them in your home or use them for meditation. Any way you decide to use them, if you are using them with children be sure to always be present as some crystals are small and can be choking hazards.

The gentle nature of crystal healing makes it an incredible therapy for children and babies. Children will often be drawn to crystals and gems, the different textures, sizes and colours offer infinite amounts of learning to be had. Children are extremely emotional beings (just give a 2 year old a jam sandwich when they asked for vegemite and wait for the meltdown) so they are able to connect to crystal energies on an extremely deep level. They will naturally be drawn to crystals that will benefit them and be put off by crystals with too much energy. My son finds it very overwhelming heading into our crystal wholesale due the large volume of energy in the small space. Yet, he is delighted when I pull out his ‘counting crystals’. When we play with his crystals we speak about feelings and how each crystal makes him feel. We practice colours, counting and grouping large and small crystals.

Crystals can be used to calm children who are upset, un-settled or distressed. If you wish to create a protective energy barrier to surround your child simply place your chosen crystals at each corner of their room. Below is a list of crystals that we recommend using for babies and children and why.


  • Rose Quartz

One of the gentlest healing crystals available, rose quartz is associated to the heart chakra and is often called the stone of love. The energy that emits from this stone is similar to that of a loving warm hug which can help children feel safer and more settled. This crystal will help encourage sleep and is incredible for anyone suffering from trauma as it gently encourages a deep level of inner healing and self-love.


  • Pyrite

Also known as fool’s gold this crystal can be useful against manipulation by bullies as it will help in equally the balance of power. It can also be used to fight off colds and the flu as it promotes good physical health and emotional well-being. Pyrite will help children feel protected and deflect any negative energy.



  • Green Apatite

Consider one of the best crystals to encourage new life it is also an ideal stone for encouraging healthy growth and development. This stone promotes hand eye co-ordination in children. This stone is thought to be a good choice for children who have ADHD or autism as it helps to calm hyperactivity, supports in social situations and aids self-expression and communication.


  • Amber

Amber has been linked to drawing illness from the body and helps to calm stress (which is why it is linked to assisting with teething babies). It is also believed to contain a natural pain killer and has anti-inflammatory properties. To benefit from the healing properties of amber, it should be worn on the skin preferably close to the area of concern.


  • Black Tourmaline

Known for its protective aura and ability to deflect negative energy black tourmaline will create a grounding and protective energy in any room your child spends their time. It can alleviate fears of the dark and is perfect for travelling to new places. This crystal is also great for protection against electromagnetic pollution and radiation associated to mobile phones, computers and other electrical devices.

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