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The Best Crystals To Keep In Your Bedroom

There are so many crystals out there, it can be overwhelming trying to find the one to best suit your needs. Our Founder has compiled a list of her favourite crystals to keep in the bedroom, not just for sleep - but for relaxation, rejuvenation, and love.
Starting off with Amethyst. Amethyst relieves stress and strain, soothes irritability and balances mood swings. It can also help to alleviate sadness and grief. Amethyst is great for resting and calming the mind and for use to aid sleep and meditation. I personally find that it helps to calm my mind, body and soul which is exactly what I need before falling asleep.
I also like to keep a small White Quartz Geode next to my bed. White Quartz converts negative energy into a positive form. I find it to be a softer vibration than Black Tourmaline. It still protects you from negative energy, without being as strong or harsh as Black Tourmaline. I personally find that Black Tourmaline really affects me so I like to reach for a White Quartz Geode instead.
I keep a large Rose Quartz tower next to my bed. I find that it promotes love and self love in the bedroom, but it is also a beautiful crystal to relax your mind, body and soul and can be used to help calm anxiety.
Rainbow Moonstone is the first of the smaller crystals that I have in my bedroom. It personally helps me to see new beginnings, which really helps with my creativity and helps me see new ideas. I tend to picture things in my dreams so Rainbow Moonstone really helps to open up those new beginnings in my dreams.
Blue Calcite is another smaller crystal I have. I find it to be a really soothing and calming stone. This one really soothes anxiety, calms your mind, and pretty much anything else. Even just holding it makes me feel so calm and serene which is why it’s a perfect choice for the bedroom
Mangano Calcite is next up, I find I really gravitate toward Calcites for the bedroom. This stone calms you and helps you to overcome stressful situations. It also helps to ease trauma, if you have nightmares Mangano Calcite is a must have. So if you're struggling to sleep, this may help with the trauma response that you are having by bringing you peace.
Citrine is the last crystal I keep in my room. It is a really powerful, positive stone. It helps with manifesting and helps to bring in positive energy. It also helps to bring luck, abundance and money. I like to have this in my bedroom because again, I do dream quite vividly and I want those dreams to be really positive and impact my life in a positive way.
I keep all of my smaller crystals in a Selenite Crystal bowl, so that when the moon is full I can easily take them outside and place them on my balcony to really absorb the energy of that full moon. I like to cleanse my crystals once a week, but if my kids play with my crystals then I will cleanse them more frequently. I find my crystals so intimate and personal to me so I want them full of my own energy.
The benefit of keeping crystals in a Selenite Bowl, is that the bowl itself helps to cleanse the crystals of negative energy, it’s the only crystal that can cleanse other crystals. I love to keep my jewellery in these bowls also and hang each piece off a crystal I am drawn to at the time. By doing this I am able to feel deeper connected to my jewellery (as most of it is crystal jewellery) and recharge the energy each piece holds. 
These are my all time favourite crystals, I sleep with all of these on my bedside table every night as I find that these ones have the biggest affect on my life.
We have a tendency to be attracted to crystals before we realise what they are used for - but they usually turn out to be exactly what you need. If you are struggling to find exactly what you need, have a look through a few crystal photos and see what stands out most! They will find their way to you when you need them most.
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