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The Power Of Positivity | Creating Rituals That Work

Rituals can present themselves in many forms, most of the time you have already created the ritual without knowing. Rituals are tasks you complete at the same time each day/week/month/year that are done with purpose and intent. For instance, every month you might bake a special cake for your family to enjoy, every Saturday you might have a movie night with a special snack, these rituals bring joy and increase the energy and vibrations in your home.


For our family, we love using our candles and lifestyle products to create rituals that allow our children to know what is happening. For instance, every night after dinner I light our Jetiame candle (the candle of love) and as the fragrance flows through our home my two children start to recognise that it is time to wind down for the night and that bath and bedtime is coming. For children too young to tell the time this is an incredible way to start letting them make connections within their own routine.


This candle is infused with rose quartz and has a beautiful calming scent of buttercream and salted caramel, it creates the most tranquil vibration in our home, which is why I use it before bed. We also spray our children’s linen with our Sleep and Meditation Spray, it is organic and contains pure Lavender Essential Oil which aids in sleep and reinforces the notion of bedtime after the bath.


We use fragrance for these rituals because our olfactory senses create a strong link to memory, each night bed time gets a little easier because our children know what is coming, they are not startled by the notion of going to sleep because they know when they smell the candle it is time to wind down and when the room spray (we use it as monster spray) is filling the air they know it is now time for sleep.


Once the children are down for the night we keep Jetiame burning in the kitchen/dining area and light our Extra Large Celestial to wind down our minds for the evening, the sooting blend of coconut and heliotrope floats through our lounge and lets us fully indulge in a our children free time.

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