Crystal Healing | How crystals really work and why you need them in your home.

If you have seen an episode of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ you may be familiar with the word Quantum physics, if not that’s cool too. Quantum physics is just a fancy way of saying ‘millennial science’ it is the newest form of science. Before Quantum physics, there was Newtonian physics (the science of matter, everything is supposed to be made of something) and ironically enough, the medical world still uses Newtonian physics.

Quantum physics suggest that everything in our world, including our planet and solar system, is made of energy. That the deeper you look into an atom, the less you will see. It is suggested that an atom is actually an invisible force field, kind of like a mini tornado, that emits waves of electrical energy.

Why is this relevant to humans? Because, we are made up of atoms. We, humans, are just walking talking shapes of electricity. Let me explain a little more before you freak out and start trying to power things with your body. 

We are made of atoms, and atoms are continuously giving off, and absorbing energy and light, all the time – even when we sleep. Atoms are kind of like mums, they are always switched on and even when you think they are sleeping, their brains are going a mile a minute.

Every cell in our body has atoms lined up like a battery, with positive and negative ends. Our bodies have about 700 trillion volts of energy running through it at one time (I am calling it, this is the reason my hair is frizzy!) This type of energy is what the Chinese call ‘chi’ and is also the energy used in hands on healing.

Atoms will either meet in sync and work harmoniously together (let’s call this dating) or out of sync, trying to kill each other (let’s call this divorce). Our waves (from the atoms) are always meeting others and getting entangled in each other. A great example of this having ‘good vibes’ and ‘bad vibes’ upon meeting someone or being placed in a new situation. It all depends on our waves being in or out of sync with the other person, like magnetic attraction.

It is important to be aware of environments where you may feel entangled in destructive energy or constructive energy, trusting your intuition is a valuable attribute to creating a harmonious relationship with your energy. Animals and plants both communicate through vibrations (by sensing whether the energy is good for them or not) but we have been taught not to listen to our feelings. We are not trained to sense energy, even though we regularly have intuition guiding our thoughts.  

Crystals are able to assist our energy and help guide it into the right place. In the Myles Gray community, you will be able to learn about different crystals and start to navigate which crystals can assist you in your journey through life. Whoever you are, whatever you do we can assure you that owning a crystal or two will improve your overall feeling of wellbeing, after all, we are all just beams of atomic energy looking for some guidance.


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