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Myles Gray

Lumiere Diffuser Refill 500ml

Lumiere Diffuser Refill 500ml

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500ml of our premium diffuser solution, allowing you to refill your Myles Gray diffuser vessels 2.5 times. 1 set of Reed Sticks included.

Lumiere is a sweet fruity fragrance, with notes of vanilla and pineapple working together to create a summer vibe all year round. This fragrance feels like the sun hitting your face on a beautiful summers day. 

Lumiere will make you feel happy and light, it is a fragrance that allows you to really let go of the negative thoughts in your mind and focus on the positivity surrounding you. Clear Quartz crystals help to bring this energy into the physical. 

The notes:

Base: Vanilla, Musk

Middle: Coconut Milk, Iris, Dandelion

Top: Pineapple, Lemon Zest


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Zara H
Summer scent

If you want to add a bit of summer into your home during winter. This is a perfect scent to do so, uplifting and fruity

Emilie Menard
The Best Smell from Australia!

We found Myles Gray while traveling in Australia and now that we’re back in the states I can’t get enough of it! Will be lifetime customers. Best Smell EVER!!!!