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Pair Your Candle to Your Horoscope!


March is going to see some incredibly large shifts coming our way, with a once in a generation planetary shift from Pluto. We are going to see Pluto move into the star sign Aquarius which is going to see the world move into more humanitarian alignment. Given the changes to the collective energy, we thought it was the perfect time to align your star sign with the right intentions so you can elevate your wellness rituals in your home.

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You will be seeing some beautiful energy in the romance department. We recommend lighting up our Candle of Love, Je t’aime infused with Rose Quartz with the scent of salted caramel. The sweet notes will turn your romantic energy on and have you feeling warm and cosy inside.


Affirmation: “I am worthy of love”



Another sign with love on the horizon this month, you are going to feel lucky and really aligned to your truest purpose. Cherish the friendships around you and you’ll be rewarded. We recommend our Candle of Friendship, La Lune infused with White Quartz for protection and Rhodonite to heal any wounds on the heart. You’ll feel aligned to more fruity notes than ever before, making this watermelon sugar candle the perfect calling card for you.

Affirmation: “I am valuable”


Because you like to look at things from both angles you can often feel a little off balance. You are going to pulled into a lot of differing angles this month, so it’s important to look at things with equal eyes. Our Candle of Balance, Equilibre is the perfect addition to assist your decision making this month. This fruity floral is a scent for everyone, sweet and ripe, floral yet earthy it’s subtle notes will allow you to feel aligned and not pulled in one direction.

Affirmation: “I am the one who decides my life, and my decisions are worthy”



You are going to be feeling more agitated than normal, being pulled in all directions. We recommend the Candle of Compassion, Reine to help you find some balance within your mood swings. With notes of sweet jasmine, lily of the valley this sweet delicate floral will have you feeling calm and aligned.

Affirmation: “I will slow down, I will breathe, I will grow”



You are going to be feeling very flat in the first half of March, igniting your spark again when we move into Aries season on the 20th. Piax, The Candle of Peace will help you feel more comfortable in this dreamy, calm energy. Allowing you to ground yourself and accept this softer side.  We love pairing this calm energy with a warm fragrance, think deep ouds paired with notes of sandalwood and leather.

Affirmation: “I am worthy of finding peace, I am worthy of rest”



The full moon in Virgo only happens during Pisces season, once a year! So it is your time to manifest, in fact it’s your most powerful manifesting moon. On March 7th get your Candle of Manifestation, Ambiance, out and write down your deepest desires and what you would like to enter your life.

Keep this candle burning for the month of March each day, remembering your wishes as you light the candle. With luxurious notes of oud, rose and vanilla you’ll be feeling extremely calm and aligned which is the perfect energy for manifestation.

Affirmation: “I am powerful, what I desire will come true”



This is a great month for you, you are going to feeling a lot of harmony and balance. We don’t want to disrupt this too much so stick to crystals that have a light energy, like clear quartz and rose quartz. Our Candle of Light, Lumiere will help you feel that beautiful white light energy and allow you to successfully control your happiness. With fruity notes of coconut, pineapple, and vanilla it’s hard to be unhappy around this uplifting scent.

Affirmation: “I am light, I am important, I am aligned”



There is going to be some big chances being thrown at you this month and we are suggesting you focus on protecting your energy. Mauvise, The Candle of Deflection will allow you to move through any negative feelings, but it will also block negative energy being thrown your way. It works like a shield of amour. You’ll want to surround yourself with a light, fresh fragrance, lots of citrus.

Affirmation: “I am protected, no negative energy can touch me”



You are going to feel a lot of energy this month and you are going to need to learn how to control. You’ll be bursting with good vibes, but they aren’t appropriate in some situations. It’s time to take a breath and control your thoughts. The Candle of Clarity, Esprit Clair will help you find your inner stability. It will help you calm your energy and think clearly in situations. With a fresh clean scent, you’ll feel calm and aligned.

Affirmation: “With this breathe, I am clearing negative thoughts and making way for new, clear ideas to form”



It’s a time of huge endings for you. Pluto is leaving your sign, and this hasn’t happened since 1778! You are going to feel emotional as this happens, because you’ve never felt a different energy before. We recommend using our Candle of Healing, Navre to help navigate the next few months and what they hold. This candle will help keep you protected with Black Tourmaline, but also allow you to accept new beginnings as they begin to form with Rainbow Moonstone. Stick to natural fragrances, like rose and florals.

Affirmation: “I welcome new beginnings, I am open to them forming, I trust the process”



You are going to see big changes this month, Saturn (the planet of karma is leaving your sign, but Pluto is entering for the first time in 200 years!) All this change is going to have you feeling a little confused, and we think you should focus on one foot in front of the other. Bonhuer, The Candle of Happiness was made for this, it will help you find a passion inside and allow you to see the beauty in life. With notes of blackcurrant, rose and sandalwood its unique fragrance is perfect for this unique time in your life.

Affirmation: “I am worthy of happiness, I will find it, I will relish in it, I will create it”



This month you are going to be presented with opportunities that you’ve been waiting for, for a while. But you might be feeling like imposter syndrome is creeping in. The Candle of Confidence, Vous Pouvez will squash those feelings quickly and allow you to feel in control. Stay close to uplifting fruity floral fragrances, notes of grapefruit, jasmine and honeysuckle will have you ignited and ready for anything.

Affirmation: “I am successful, I am knowledgeable, I am enough”


 About the author, Janelle Palibrk is the founder and creative director of Crystal Wellness Company, Myles Gray. She is a published author and known as one of Australia's leading Astrologists. 

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