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The Power Of Positivity | Growth Mindset

Achieving a growth mindset can take some time, but it is a fantastic way to always look at the positives and grow as a person. 

A growth mindset is a state of mind, it is categorised as a particular way you overcome adversities. Being able to open your mind in this way can increase your happiness, your professional and personal development and enrich your life in new and exciting ways. 

In the simplest format, a growth mindset is looking at the glass half full. 

When we look at things in a more positive perspective, we can achieve more positive outcomes. When we are positive about situations, we create a vibration that is lighter and higher than if we look at the negative. I like to think of this in the format of the “law of attraction”. Be positive and open for new opportunities and they will come to you!

Having a Growth Mindset will help you become more resilient, balance mood swings and assist in your mental health. However, you never want to supress any emotions to always be positive you need be aware of the times in your life when it is okay to feel crappy, when it is okay to cry and stay in bed. Opening your mind to this new outlook will allow you to connect with yourself more, to ask yourself more questions and truly be able to find your purpose or passion.  

My favourite ways to transition to a Growth Mindset are:

  • End a negative sentence with the word, yet. “I can’t do that” turns into “I can’t do that, yet” it opens your mind up to the possibility that in-fact you can do it, you just need some time to practice.
  • Embrace your imperfections as the qualities that make you so unique, if you aren’t good at something practice it – if it doesn’t bring you joy maybe it’s time to find a new calling.
  • View challenges as opportunities. If we always did what was comfortable or easy, we would never grow, we would never learn anything new?! Have you ever watched a baby trying to walk? How many times to they fall before they finally get it? I always think about this when something doesn’t seem to work out at the time. 
  • Replace the word “Failing” with the word “Learning”. The only time I recognise failure is when I give up. I am always growing and learning and evolving, this is a part of being human.
  • Stop seeking approval from others. Often those that doubt you or have an issue with the way you live your life have a very fixed and pessimistic mind set. They probably won’t understand why you do somethings, but that’s okay.
  • Value the process over the end result. If something doesn’t work out the way you expected don’t look at it as a failure, always find something in the process that helped you grow. The process is what counts.

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