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Angel Numbers | What Are They?

You've seen them everywhere, your phone hit's 11:11 and it's time to make a wish. But do you know what Angel Numbers really mean? Our founder Janelle sat down with Elle Australia in a recent interview and explained Angel Numbers in depth. We've added a snippet of the interview below for you. 

  • What are angel numbers?
    Angel numbers are a sequence of numbers that are shown to you to convey a divine message, you’ll see them on your watch, computer screen, speedometer, phone numbers, anything that can display a group of numbers you’ll find them. Have you ever looked at your phone multiple times in one day or a week to see the exact same numbers staring back at you? You’ll most likely see 11:11 as they are the most popular angel numbers and are reminding you to trust your intuition and listen to your heart. Angel numbers stem from numerology, a universal language of numbers, a study of numbers in your life. 
  • What makes angel numbers so special?
    Angel numbers are seen as divine guidance, a symbol of where your life is headed or heading. Many use angel numbers to show they are on the right track or a symbol of a higher purpose, or higher self. Some even take angel numbers as messages from the spirit world if they have loved ones who have passed. Once you open your mind to the gifts of numerology you’ll find angel numbers in the most unlikely of places. Angel numbers range from 111 all the way up to 999 and each have different meanings which we have broken down below.
    111: Manifesting and intuition, trust your gut and listen to your heart your intentions are manifesting.
    222: Alignment and Trust, everything is unfolding so stop worrying, you are on the right path.
    333: Support, your spirit guides are around you and sending you love and support, a phase of positive growth is coming your way.
    444: Angels and Protection, pay attention to your thoughts you are being guided and protected in your journey.
    555: Change, something new is coming it may feel odd but trust the process.
    666: Surrender and Reflect, no this is not the devil number this is a number reminding you to surrender to the universe and have a little trust. Reconnect with your mind and soul and take a step back to reflect and think before you act. 
    777: Growth and Luck, wonderful things are coming your way, you are on the ultimate spiritual path so follow your higher purpose and trust yourself. 
    888: Abundance and Balance, everything is falling into place, you are working in perfect harmony with the universe and abundance is on its way to you.
    999: Release, its time to let go of what is no longer serving you and restart your journey in a new direction. 
  • Where can you find angel numbers?
    Angel numbers can be found anywhere that have a number system, from postal addresses, to phone numbers you’ll see it mostly on your phone when checking the time.
  • What are the most favourable angel numbers to find?
    111 is one of the most known angel numbers and something lots of people look for, like the saying 11:11 make a wish. 666 is something people can associate with negative news or bad vibes but it is truly a good angel number especially if you are going through something that you need to surrender too and reflect on, it can stop you making a bad decision in a fast frame of mind. One of my favourite angel numbers is 444, after my dad passed I saw this everything and whenever I feel a little less connected to the spirit side, this number pops up to remind me he is here. 
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