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New Moon Horoscope Guidance

On March 2nd we will welcome a New Moon in Pisces, this New Moon is different to all of the ones seen before in 2022. Why? Because it is the first New Moon to bring nothing but good vibes! Yes, that’s right. It is the first New Moon of the year to hold abundant energy, it will heighten your creativity, bring a much needed calming energy into your life and help you expand areas in your life.

So how do you make the most out of this New Moon? You start manifesting and really working hard on what you want your life to look like for the rest of the year. Manifesting doesn’t need to be hard, simply write your intentions down for your year and make sure each day you are thinking of them or working towards that goal. This New Moon brings such a large abundant energy to turn your dreams into reality with guidance and work.

This New Moon is one of the most magical of the year so be sure to use its energy to tap into the potential you hold as an individual. Been thinking of asking your boss for a pay rise? Looking for a promotion? Wanting to move out of the friendzone? This is the time to act upon your desires.

This New Moon lands in Pisces and thank goodness! Pisces energy is all about making dreams come true, looking further inside yourself to understand your deepest wishes and desires and this New Moon will help make those wishes come true. It’s the perfect time to reflect and act upon what you want out of life.

You are going to start to feel really good, a little lighter and more intune with your happiness. Which will bring some positive sexual change, if you are single you might find a passion partner and If you are in a relationship take this light energy and try something fun and new. With no negativity in the air if something doesn’t work out no hard feelings will occur.

So what makes this New Moon so special? It’s all about the planet alignment and the energy that each planet holds in the lunar cycle. This New Moon is the first that isn’t clouded with resistance from Saturn and Pluto. It will, in-fact, draw upon Jupiter’s close proximity to remove those barriers further and bring the most abundant energy into your life during the New Moon.

For the star signs Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces you’ll be feeling an intense loving energy, you might be luckier than ever before and be having more “gut instincts”, my advice? Follow your instincts, go with your feelings and they will lead you in the right direction.

For all the other Zodiacs you are going to feel an abundant energy also, be open to new opportunities as they form and really look inside to find your answers, follow your natural instincts, and take as many opportunities on as possible, they will work out. 


New Moon Guidance by Horoscope:

Aries: Stop for a second, your tangible goals can wait. Take a moment to work deeply on your soul – meditate or go for a walk, you’ll find in that stillness your greatest idea or realisation will happen.

Candle: Esprit Clair

Taurus: Try a new angle to fill your cup, you might be called to do something within your community or for someone else but whatever it is say yes!

Candle: Equilibre

Gemini: You might be feeling a burst of motivation and creativity taking hold, channel that into your career and you will see big moves happening.

Candle: Vous Pouvez

Cancer: Let your imagination take over and free your mind, silence that inner critic and watch as you realise how powerful and accomplished you are.

Candle: Lumiere

Leo: If you’ve been feeling low or down lately it’s time to face those emotions and bring them to the surface, with no negative energy surrounding this New Moon you’ll be the most supported to do this. Once you breakthrough your own wall you’ll see the beauty again.

Candle: Mauvaise

Virgo: It’s going to feel scary but it’s time to let your emotions rule your decisions, make your decisions based on the heart during this New Moon and don’t get caught up adding everything on paper.

Candle: Jetiame

Libra: This New Moon is all about you having enough time for, you! You’ve been neglecting your own self love and have been overly busy with friendship, family and work commitments. Take a moment for yourself and reap the benefits of a much lighter and happier you.

Candle: Reine

Scorpio: You are going to feel more creative than ever before, so take advantage and start working on those passion projects!

Candle: Vous Pouvez

Sagittarius: The New Moon is opening your heart chakra and you’ll feel more nostalgic and vulnerable than ever before. Let things go and say sorry, even if it’s hard.

Candle: Navre

Capricorn: If you’ve been feeling a little lonely or like no one understand what you are going through it’s the perfect time to open up a little more and let those emotions out. You’ll feel more connected to others and less alone.  

Candle: La Lune

Aquarius: it’s time to start figuring how you feel, take a moment to tune into your body. How does your tummy feel around specific people? What makes your energy change? Who makes you feel different when they are around?

Candle: Lumiere

Pisces: This is a special New Moon cycle for you, Jupiter will bring an abundance of luck into your life. If you are feeling like life is changing and you are wanting to go further down a specific path I say, go for it! Take these opportunities, tune into your creative side and take advantage of the opportunities you receive. You might even begin to feel a growth phase coming up so take this energy and run with it before you need to do some deep work.

Candle: Richesse

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