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Mercury Retrograde | What is it?

We've all heard the phrase "uhh Mercury must be in Retrograde" but what on earth (or Mercury) does it actually mean? We've got some answers for you below. Mercury Retrograde is happening on September 27th 2021 and will end October 17th 2021 - so get your note book out and take advantage of the advice we have to offer, it could be the difference between getting your dream job or sending your boss some embarrassing emails subconsciously. 
  • What exactly is Mercury Retrograde

Believe it or not, the Mercury Retrograde is an optical illusion where the planet Mercury looks to be moving backwards. What is actually happening is the fast-moving planet (Mercury) is slowing down. It is believed that this backwards motion can disrupt technology and communication, and even put a damper on anyone’s positive mood with a shift in your energy from the conscious to the subconscious. As a result of this, new heightened feelings and emotions can bubble to the surface, so we are warned to steer clear of starting something new, may it be a project or a relationship as you would want to make such decisions when in control of your conscious mind. 

  • How to prepare for Mercury Retrograde

If you are into astrology you would already know that Mercury has an effect on your mind. Even if you aren’t into astrology you might have subconsciously felt the side effects of Mercury in Retrograde in one way or another. During a retrograde shift, your subconscious mind takes over and your awareness fails to take charge. You might feel a little more anxious, or confused. We recommend keeping track of Mercury Retrograde to prepare for the shift in your energy. Just like an unwanted visitor popping in for the weekend isn’t all that welcome, being prepared and ready for the 3 week astrological cycle is the best way to face it. 

  • What you need to know

When Mercury Retrograde occurs it can truly send things a little chaotic, Mercury is a very strong planet and rules things like truth, communication, travel and thinking. Just like the full moon can send animals and children a little “wild” Mercury Retrograde can bring chaos to your calm life. We have a few tips to get through the negative energy bought on by Mercury Retrograde


  • Listen carefully to others and stay mindful of what you speak out. You must learn to choose your words wisely to cut down the risk of misunderstandings, which are very common during this time.


  • Stay focused and do not take shortcuts in relationships, as there is a high risk of relationship problems.


  • Triple check travel plans to avoid the risk of delays, which are all too common during Mercury Retrograde. (missed that last turn off causing a fight with your driving partner? Check the dates, probably happened during retrograde)


  • Try to practise yoga or meditation to calm the mind and bring more clarity in times of stress


  • Burn a candle (Myles Gray Esprit Clair to be precise) The candle of clarity will bring you a calming vibe and allow you to think clearly.


  • Why you shouldn’t make any big decisions during this period

Mercury has a very strong pull on our communication and thought process so it’s best not to make any big decisions during retrograde. We know it sounds a little “woo woo” but it’s true. Our subconscious mind takes over during retrograde and triggers us to make bad or harmful decisions, like reaching for the phone to call our ex or emailing our boss some “feedback” on a Saturday night after a few drinks. Whether you believe in the pull Mercury has on us during retrograde, we don’t recommend playing chicken with it.

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