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Eadie Bloom Wormald | We Remember

With the launch of our newest candle "Eadie Bloom" we wanted to share the incredible strength and story of Eadie's parents, specifically Eadie's mum Nellie. These are Nellie's words from her trauma. These are Nellie's memories of her beautiful daughter and we are very grateful she has written these words for us. 

For a more comprehensive story please head to our instagram page where you can find a video interview we conducted with Nellie which goes into a lot of detail and has some excellent resources you can use if you are going through something similar. 

Eadie Bloom, our daughter, our second born, our angel. 

My pregnancy with Eadie was honestly a breeze. We sailed through the weeks and months and before I knew it, I had reached term. At my last appointment on the 29/10/20 I was told Eadie was fully engaged, and I was just days away from her birth. You could imagine the excitement when I called her dad after my appointment that day to tell him the news. 

Later that night I started having what I thought were early labour pains. Things escalated rather quickly and before I knew it, I was in an ambulance on the way to hospital. All alone because of COVID restrictions. I presented at the hospital in and out of consciousness and in the worst pain of my life. I was checked over by the midwife who said that I was having a placental abruption and my baby had a low heart rate. They acted quickly, I just assumed I was going infor an emergency c-section. 

I mean you hear about still birth, but you never think it will happen to you. In the early hours of the 30/10/20 We were informed our daughter had passed away while in utero. They broke my waters, and I gave birth naturally to our beautiful Eadie 3hrs later. Perfect from head to toe. After spending a short amount of time with Eadie I was whisked off to ICU from a postpartum haemorrhage. I have never shared my story before, but I wanted to bring awareness to this cause. 

I was told the pain never eases and it never gets better, I hated hearing that because I was trying to stay positive. I can tell you though, don’t believe those people. It DOES get better. You WILL feel joy again you WILL smile and be happy. Hold onto that hope for the future! Your life will never be the same and you’ll always be missing apart of your heart but you can also move forward and be excited for the future.

Eadie will be remembered forever, she is my strength and the light in my darkest days.

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