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Manifesting 101

Manifesting is one of the best ways to live a life full of intent. It works similar to the law of attraction, what you ask for, you receive. You can’t simply sit idle by and keep asking for something to happen though, you need to put in the work and make sure you are raising your vibration to be on the same level as what you are asking for. 

We have interviewed our Shipping Assistant Emily below. Emily has been manifesting for over 12 months and when we hired her, she told us she had been manifesting this position for a while, which totally blew me away. Emily helped us put together our New Moon Manifestation Box and is always working on new and exciting projects with us in this space. 


How do you manifest what you want?

The way I manifest what I want is by sitting down with myself in a quiet space where I feel most safe and writing out some goals I want to achieve, I usually have a Richesse or Esprit Clair Candle lit and all my crystals around me to help with clarity. Once I have done this I then create myself a vision board of pictures of all the things I want, and make sure it's always somewhere where I am always looking (my phone wallpaper, laptop background). I then believe it will all come to me in divine timing as I am open to receiving what I want.

Sometimes I also close my eyes and imagine the feeling of how I would would be feeling in the moment of one of my manifestations coming true, eg watching the love of my life get down on one knee and him asking me to marry him, I have been visualising how it would happen and then feeling all the emotions I would get with it like all the butterflies in my stomach, the happy crying, being blown away, my heart racing and the love I would feel. It's important to recognise and visualise your emotions because it raises your vibration to receive what is coming.


Do you have any tips on how to manifest and set intentions?

  • Journal every night to reflect on what is serving a purpose in your life and what isn't anymore
  • Express gratitude 
  • Create a vision board
  • Be specific with what you want
  • Listen to podcasts that fill you with positivity 
  • Have a little routine 
  • Believe anything you set your mind to can happen


When has it worked for you?

One of my big manifesting moments for me was when I landed my job at Myles Gray.  I was previously in a very toxic work environment and I just needed to leave before my mental health got any worse by staying there. With all the previous little things i've manifested I had belief that the universe had my back on this decision, and it was my time to close a door so a new one could open so I went and quit my job. Half way through last year I had started manifesting and one major goal was to find a new job where I would be in the online retail sector in the shipping department, had a boss that would value me and the work I do for the company, be surrounded with positive and uplifting people and enjoy getting up and going to work every morning.

That was all I was asking for and I had belief I would find it. I now have exactly everything I was being specific about at Myles Gray. However, before I landed my job interview here, I was scrolling through Tik Tok and I found a page where a girl was giving out interview tips on how to conduct yourself within an interview. I knew right at this moment that this was a sign from the universe and something good was coming my way from seeing this and I was on the right path. The week after I was accepted to start in my dream workplace and it just happened to also be with crystals and candles which I have always loved. I had also said to my old colleagues that having all of January off sounds so good and refreshing however if I find something to start earlier i wouldn't be mad. This job was advertised to start on the 18th of Jan however I got told it would be easier to start on the 1st of February when the production manager was back from annual leave and that blew my mind that I had also manifested having all of January off to just relax and enjoy myself again.


Do you need to be consistent?

I wouldn't say you need to be constantly asking the universe everyday for what you want because you have already thrown that intention out there, however you have to be constantly in a positive mindset of knowing and believing what you want to achieve is coming for you when it's your time as everything happens in divine timing.


Any tips for someone beginning to manifest and set intentions?

  • Start very small and ask for a sign from the universe to prove to yourself that it actually works (this did wonders for me)
  • Be open to receiving the things you want as not everything will happen straight away
  • Take all negative thoughts and emotions away from what you want 
  • Journal and get in touch with yourself and what you really want in life  
  • Set up a little ritual for yourself whenever you want to set your intentions
  • Surround yourself with positivity as the universe works off energy, so put out the energy that you would like to receive. 
  • Do your research and listen to someone that inspires you, if I had the manifesting box when I started this journey it would have cut out a lot of my own personal research and made things clearer from the beginning. 
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